Day 2!

Brought to you by today’s Wayland journal correspondents Clara et Zack. Bonjour de la France! We had a great day today in Montpellier! We went to the Lycée Pompidou first for breakfast and ate patisseries. There was also a jazz performance by French students. We... read more

Qui va avec qui?

Nos correspondants ont préparé cela pour nous! Name tags prepared by the students at Lycée... read more


Wayland has landed! (Those not pictured were snoozing softly on the bus ride from Marseille, and declined to be photographed as such.) All had a safe trip to Montpellier and met their French correspondents au Lycée Pompidou. Maintenant au dodo et demain ça commence en... read more


Welcome to Putney!  This blog is where friends and family can follow along with the Wayland group’s adventures in the South of France. We will post periodic updates, photos, and stories from our leaders and students throughout the trip. We suggest that you... read more